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the amazing spider-man HD wallpaper

the amazing spider-man HD wallpaper

Thursday, July 12, 2012

One Piece 673 vergo and Joker
The Bad Guys are even so much stronger in the new world!!!!!! hah
The story are really just begun.....
 and the facts are:
1.joker is doflamingo.
2.law is ex-doflamingo subordinate.
3.doflamingo affiliate with CC, but he isn't trust CC, so he send monet to spy.
4.vice admiral vergo (head of g5) is ex-pirate who join marine ordered by doflamingo.
5.monet n vergo are doflamingo's subordinate.
 this is really complicated, how can be this so far???

Vergo can beat Law easily, Law has to think hard to beat Smoker, Luffy poisoned by Caesar Clown, and so on.....

It's getting difficult to survive in the new world!!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012