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Let's begin this ridiculous thing...........
a letter from mbah google
Pertama-tama saya merasa bangga, kemudian biasa saja...... :-?
Siapa sih yang ga bangga kalo dikirimi surat dari mesin pencari alias Search Engine nomer 1/pertamax di dunia, dan suratnya yang mengantar sampe ke rumah adalah anaknya pak RW.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Every people have their own perception about what they have to drink. One people like to drink THAT, and some other want to drink THIS, even different but all begun by one word "THIRSTY". When people feel thirsty they'll directly dream about this liquid thing, from bottled, cupped, canned, and until no other choice except take them selves to the water then drink all they want or die. hheh. 

Just remembered about how The Spartan drink an isotonic water, they really enjoy it, their sweats was blue like the water they just drunk, its kind of funny critic(Meet The Spartan movie). That bottled drink also issued as the one from many unhealthy water to drink. I never feel recharged after drink that water, just feel like that. How about you?... hha

Friday, October 15, 2010